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Harold shipmen 3 years ago
Lol we are all sick fuckers shame on us all
Player 2 years ago
you know what I Really thought he was a real doctor until he pulled out a dildo

God it’s so confusing sometimes
Why do you do this
Peer 3 years ago
What's her name please
3 years ago
Never realized Khloe Kardashian was so tall.
3 years ago
I know what is my job
2 years ago
This is not what a real gyno exam is like btw
Player 2 years ago
We learned something today.
I don’t know what that something is because I’ve been paying attention to the vagina.
But we definitely learned something.
Sissy 2 years ago
Tasty girl i am horny
Player 2 years ago
When this man be like trying to pick up chicks and is asked what his job is ,he totally says “what I do for a living.” “Oh it’s pleasuring women”.
Snsje 3 years ago
That is hot